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When your pet needs care, getting to and from a clinic can be troublesome, especially if your pet is sick and doesn’t want to travel. But did you know that there are at-home veterinary services in Calgary that will come to you?  Vets To Go is a local veterinarian practice which comes to see your pet in the comfort of your home at your own convenience, even during weekends or in the evenings.

What services can you get for your pet at home?

• The Calgary Mobile Vet Nose to Tail Checkup service is perfect for preventative care. Nail trimming and a vaccination are part of the program.  One special benefit of getting your pet’s checkup at home is that you can also give your home environment a checkup. The Vets To Go will let you know whether your home environment is safe for your pet!

• Vaccinations and shots, ear drops, eye drops, and medication refills.

• Biopsies for lumps, blood tests, and other diagnostic services.

• Other preventative care measures including weight, diet, and teeth checks.

• Deworming services, injury treatments, such as stitches for wounds, nutritional counseling, chronic care, and much more.

• At-home pet euthanasia Paws to Rest services.

Calgary Mobile Vet Services can be performed for most of the treatments and tests you would normally order for your pet at a clinic, but without the trip and the wait.  Appointments usually need to be made 2-3 days in advance, but prompt at-home euthanasia services are available as needed.

What are the benefits of getting at-home care for your pet? Cats and dogs typically don’t like going being in a vehicle, or in unfamiliar surroundings. Your pet may be one of the many that is uncomfortable with  unfamiliar animals around, and pets can easily become anxious or upset.  As pets get older or become sick or injured, moving them can become even more inconvenient, and even unsafe.

With at-home mobile vet services, you relieve your pet from being taken out of their own home, and allow them to remain at ease.   Your pet feels safest at home in the comfortable, predictable environment where he lives every day. When a vet from Vets To Go visits you in your home, you also receive personal service and the doctor will remain to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Most appointments last about 40 minutes, giving you plenty of time to ask questions and get a thorough examination for your pet, but also saving you time since you don’t need to drive to and from the clinic or spend time waiting.

Mobile Vet CalgaryOnce you and your pet experience the stress free experience of a mobile veterinary appointment, you will never look back. Contact www.VetsToGo.com to learn more!


These days, more and more pet owners are discovering the benefits of Calgary’s Vets to Go mobile vet service. If you’re living in or around the Calgary area and you’d like to find out more about these “house call services” for your dog or cat, you’ll enjoy this helpful quick guide.

This page is to assist you in choosing the best Calgary vet service for your schedule and needs

Vets to Go “House Call Vet Service” is Convenient

Why waste time and energy putting your beloved pooch or cat in a pet carrier and driving him or her around when you just don’t have to? When you choose Vets to Go, you’ll enjoy our veterinary services from the comfort and privacy of your own home!  Booking an appointment is as easy as picking up the phone or visiting our website at VetsToGo.com, so it will be possible to give your pet access to medical care without leaving your own residence.

As you can see, Vets to Go is convenient, and using the service will also offer a number of advantages to your loyal animal friend. When you choose Vets to Go, your pet will remain comfortable and secure as he or she receives treatment. Because your dog or cat will be in a familiar home environment, he or she will feel calmer and more relaxed during exams and procedures.

Since so many pets feel upset and agitated when around other animals that they don’t know, Vets to Go’s Calgary mobile vet services will offer a great way to keep your dog or cat calm while it receives the needed veterinary attention. For many pet owners, this is much better than putting your pet in a car, where he or she may vomit, become agitated, or suffer from other unpleasant health issues.

Keeping pets comfortable, safe and secure during exams and treatments is what Vets to Go is all about.

Vets to Go Features a Team Of Licensed and Experienced Veterinarians

Mobile Vet Services

When you choose this Calgary-based service, one of our doctors will come right to your front door, and they’ll bring along everything that she needs to give your pet compassionate care. Services offered by Vets To Go include: health certificates, preventative care, vaccinations, de-worming, micro-chipping, blood work, nail trims, nutritional counseling, diagnostic testing, skin/lump biopsy, chronic care, hospice care, humane euthanasia, small lump removal and wound stitching.  You can also received referrals for surgery, x-rays, and other related procedures and tests.

In fact, Dr. Wendy McClelland founded Vets to Go because she realized that the owners of some dogs and cats needed more care than they typically received during short clinic visits. By offering pets personalized care in their own homes, she created a practical solution that benefits the health and well-being of pets, while also giving pet owners convenience and peace of mind.

The Vets To Go doctors will always spend as much time with your dog or cat as is needed, and she will also ensure that your pet is as comfortable as possible during exams and treatments. While they are capable of treating a range of illnesses, injuries and chronic health conditions, Vets To Go is also a proponent of preventative veterinary medicine. This means encouraging pet owners to seek out regular “wellness exams” for their animal friends.

These exams are powerful diagnostic tools, since they allow the doctor to determine a “baseline” for each pet. Once this baseline is established, it’s simple to detect deviations from the norm. Booking a Vets to Go wellness exam for your dog or cat will be a great way to ensure that your pet’s internal organs are normal and healthy, and it may also lead to the sort of early detection that may save your pet’s life.

During a wellness exam, we will check your dog or cat’s weight, teeth and blood, in order to search for problems before they reach critical mass. By practicing early detection and treatment, she helps pets to live longer, happier lives, and she also saves pet owners from bigger expenses down the road. When health problems aren’t detected early enough, life-threatening illnesses that require very expensive surgical procedures may be needed. Preventative care is the secret of avoiding the emotional pain and financial burdens that serious health problems bring…

Since a host of health problems in small animals are triggered by excess weight, we also use wellness exams to suggest dietary changes and improvements. By offering sensible advice that is designed to make your pet feel better and live longer, we help you ensure the long-term vitality and health of your pet.

When you choose Vets to Go, we’ll get to know you, your home environment, and your pet. By seeing the big picture, we will be able to know exactly what your dog or cat needs to feel better (or to maintain good health).

Reach Out To Us Today

Vets To Go

Now that you know how Vets To Go works, and why it is beneficial to your pet’s health, why not reach out to us and book a visit?  Give us a call today at 1-888-995-8387, or visit our website at VetsToGo.com.


Having your dog or cat regularly examined by a veterinarian is part and parcel of being a loving and responsible pet owner. However, quite often, pets just don’t enjoy going to appointments outside of their home.  If your dog or cat easily becomes upset and agitated, it may be from an unfamiliar environment, or because the presence of other animals is upsetting to them.

When pets feel out of sorts and uncomfortable, they may act out, making it difficult to give them the examinations and treatments that they really need. If your pet just doesn’t like leaving their home to receive medical treatment, there is a way to give him or her the veterinary care they need, without the challenges normally associated with the process.  In almost all cases, pets who “hate going to the vet” will respond very positively to services that are provided via a mobile vet service.

What is a Mobile Vet Service?

A mobile vet service is a service where a licensed veterinarian comes to see your pet at your own private residence, instead of having you bring your animal to them.  You simply book an appointment that’s convenient for you, and a licensed veterinarian comes to your door, and completes the visit where your pet is comfortable.  The mobile vet arrives at your home equipped with a range of medical implements, medications, and veterinary accessories that are required to complete a range of services, examinations and diagnostics.

Since your pet is at home, where he or she feels safest and most loved, your dog or cat will be much more relaxed, receptive, and friendly than if they left their home.  No strange animals will be there to create unease and agitation.

Your vet will talk to you, finding out your concerns about your beloved animal friend. Getting to know you, your home environment, and your beloved pet will be priorities. Once you’ve talked to the vet, he or she will be ready to examine and treat your pet. Vets who work for mobile vet services are devoted to putting animals at ease. They know that examining and treating animals in home environments helps make them feel more serene and comfortable.

Since your vet will be focusing on your dog or cat without any distractions, he or she will be able to focus exclusively on your pet and answer any questions you may have.

Mobile vets typically are able to spend as much time as is needed with your pet, making sure that he or she gets the attention and care they deserve.

Soothe Your Pet with Mobile Vet Services

Whether you book a checkup or need help with a pet’s injury, illness or obesity, you’ll find that a mobile vet is a great option to rely on. As long as you seek out services from a licensed veterinarian, you’ll be able to provide your pet with a medical experience that boosts his or her health and wellness. In addition, you won’t need to bundle your pet into a carrier and drive him or her home after an appointment. Your pet may simply relax, doze, or do whatever it wants to. Giving your pet TLC before and after a mobile vet appointment will be very easy and fulfilling. Since pet beds, blankets, toys and food bowls are already around your home, pleasing your pet following his or her appointment will be a breeze.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to choosing this type of service.  Firstly, you’ll enjoy more convenience and more peace of mind as a pet owner. Secondly, your pet will be more relaxed and happy during examination and treatment. No matter how your dog or cat is feeling, your pet will always be happiest when he or she is at home while being examined and treated.

Mobile vets also work outside of regular business hours, so you won’t need to skip work or other important activities to take care of your pet. Simply book an appointment at a time that works for you.

Calgary Mobile Vet Services

Mobile Vet ServicesIf you’re looking for the Calgary Vet, Vets To Go is now accepting new patients.  Founded by a licensed veterinarian, Dr. Wendy McClelland, the Vets to Go mobile vet service is available to residents of Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Lake Chestermere and surrounding areas.

Services provided by Vets to Go include physical exams, health certificates, preventative care, vaccinations, de-worming, micro-chipping, blood work, nail trims, nutritional counseling, diagnostic testing, skin/lump biopsy, chronic care, hospice care, humane euthanasia, small lump removal and wound stitching.

We can also provide referrals for surgery, x-rays, and other procedures and tests.

The next time your pet needs care, be sure to contact Vets to Go and give housecall vet services a try!